Robot Unicorn

Helen Leigh’s herd of Robot Unicorns were invented during her first residency for the British Council in Shenzhen, China. They started off as workshop and DIY craft kit that provided a simple, quirky and fun introduction to robotics and gesture control. It uses a pair of BBC micro:bits and some continuous rotation servo motors to teach gesture control, radio and simple motor control.

The Robot Unicorns are made of various materials that are unusual for robots, including flexible polypropylene, glittery paper, scrap cardboard and even luxurious black leather as part of a collaboration with artist Riina O. Helen handmade them in makerspaces in both Shenzhen and London: laser cutting the parts, hand wiring the motors and 3D printing the horns. 

The herd of Robot Unicorns have been exhibited (and raced) in the V&A Museum, London’s Science Museum, Waterman’s Arts Centre and at technology festivals and education events across Europe.

Want to play with a herd of Robot Unicorns or commission a special edition one of your own? Get in touch to talk about how.