Teacher training

I would like to thank you for giving such an informative and comprehensive workshop at the 16th Annual Welsh Teachers Conference in Brecon. It was obvious from the many comments that I received after your workshop that the teachers had found this to be incredibly useful.
Institute of Physics

We love doing teacher training sessions, and have been booked by organisations such as the British Council, the Association for Science Educators, the Institute of Physics and Goldsmiths University. We can deliver inset CPD sessions for up to 30 teachers from just £395 (tax and materials included, travel expenses not included) on topics such as:

  • Teaching with No Cost and Low Cost New Technologies
  • Bringing Creativity into STEM subjects
  • Introduction to Making and New Technologies
  • Coding for Non-Coders
  • Introduction to Physical Computing and Electronics (Microbit, Arduino, Pi and more!)
  • Creative Coding Curriculum
  • Physics and Music
  • Engaging Girls with STEM

We also offer evening teacher training packages at Machines Room in East London. Take a tour of one of London’s most exciting makerspaces, see lasercutters and 3D printers in action and then get your hands dirty in our two hour CPD session. You’ll get hands-on making experience and loads of practical tips and teacher resources to take back to your classroom. We can host this session for up to 20 teachers from £395 including tax, materials and takeaways.

Thanks again for your session with our Design & Technology PGCE students. They were very appreciative and said you demystified electronics for them as well as making it fun.
Goldsmiths University of London

Don’t have a big enough group to book the whole session? Ask us about joining another group for as little as £50.

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