The MINI·MU is a make-it-yourself musical glove for kids. It is a collaboration between musician Imogen Heap, creative technologist and children’s author Helen Leigh, Pimoroni and the MI·MU glove team. This kit uses the popular, versatile micro:bit to create a friendly, simple and fun crafty code experience.

Everything is included to make a musical glove from scratch, with no crafting, coding or electronics knowledge required. Once the first craft and code activity had been completed, the experience really begins. The MINI·MU encourages creative coding, allowing progression from simple block code and 8-bit tunes to more advanced interactions and wireless communication with professional music software.

Helen Leigh from Do It Kits led the prototyping, testing and product development for this project. She also wrote the documentation and teaching materials, filmed the accompanying YouTube videos and worked with Pimoroni and MI·MU on the sales and marketing strategy.

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You can buy the MINI·MU glove kit here, and find out more about the MI·MU glove here.