At Do It Kits, we love workshops! We have delivered hundreds of hands-on workshops for schools, clubs, families, students, educators, office workers and the general public. We’ve worked all over the country in all sorts of settings: schools, festivals, museums, after school clubs, offices and maker/hacker spaces.

We can deliver tailored workshops based on any of our kits, or we can provide fun, hands-on introductions to new technologies and making. Our workshops can be designed to last anything from an hour to a full day. Get in touch to discuss your ideal workshop.


Thank you again for doing the workshop, it was brilliant! Amazing what you can get people to do with some wood, nails and string. Great to see everyone working together to figure out your challenge and have fun rocking the place with DIY guitars!

Irini Papadimitriou, Digital Programme Manager at the Victoria and Albert Museum


Thank you for spending your time with us – you delivered an amazing session for the kids. It really was a pleasure to have you over.

Alan Chu, Head of Science at Ebrahim Academy