Do It Kits started life in early 2017 and has been developed in classrooms, workshops and makerspaces across London. We are currently based in the Central Research Laboratory.


Helen Steer
Helen is an educator, maker, entrepreneur and award-winning writer. She has worked in education for a decade and specialises in getting new technologies into the classroom in a fun, easy way. Helen was previously a director of the innovative education platform Explorer HQ, with whom she published six books for children and educators.
Phoenix Perry
Phoenix Perry creates physical games and user experiences. As an advocate for women in game development, she founded the edtech non profit Code Liberation Foundation. In her role at Goldsmiths, University of London, she lecturers on Physical Computing and games and leads an MA in Independent Games and Experience Design.
Aleah Scott
Sales and Marketing Officer
Aleah Scott is excited about marketing using innovative methods, especially photography and videography, to convey a message. Aleah has just finished studying a BA in English literature and Theatre student at Brunel University.
Greg Szulgit
Science Writer
Dr. Greg Szulgit has been teaching science to students at GCSE, A level, undergraduate and post graduate level for more than 20 years. He holds a PhD in Marine Biology and an MSc in Science Communication. Greg written many acclaimed research papers and educational materials, receiving awards from the Wellcome Trust and Intel.
Martin Goodfellow
Computer Science Writer
Martin is a computer science educator who has taught at high schools and university. He helps run CoderDojo Scotland, has developed digital making content for Google, Oracle and the BBC and is the Scottish Ambassador for National Coding Week. Martin has a PhD in computer science and a First Class Honours Degree in Software Engineering.
Alan Parkinson
Geography Writer
Alan is one of the most renowned Geography educators in the UK and the author of a wide range of best-selling KS3, GCSE and A level textbooks. He has taught Geography and ICT for over 20 years, winning the prestigious Tivy Education Medal and a Fellowship from the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. He is Head of Geography at Kings Ely.
Dean Vipond
Dean is a branding and interaction design specialist, and has worked on educational properties for BBC, Channel 4 Education and The Usborne Foundation.